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The campaign seeks to ensure that every student at Austin ISD will have an opportunity to be or have a mentor. The campaign will have three major focus areas: continued stewardship of the program in Austin ISD; fostering alumni engagement through the PALS Alumni Network; and growth of the Austin PALS: Campaign for the Future Fund at the Austin Community Foundation. These three critical elements will support the overall mission of PALS: Ensure leadership, mentoring and peer to peer assistance in the Austin community for our children, while creating tomorrow’s leaders.


This campaign will reflect and reinforce the important work being done within the Austin Independent School District; create and engage a supportive network of former PALS; and provide critical funding for the next 40 years and beyond.

The Austin PALS: Campaign for the Future Fund seeks to first raise, responsibly invest and then grow funds for the benefit of future Austin PALS. Uses for the aggregate funds include: supporting partial on-going costs @ Austin ISD--including PALS Leadership Team stipends; matching other private and local AISD funds raised to support the PALS District Coordinator position; partial support of student trainings, conferences, transportation or other costs associated with the core Austin PALS Program.


As has been true of the past 40 years, private outside funds will be used to leverage existing Austin ISD resources as well as partner with the District during more turbulent or uncertain times. Additionally, funds from the Austin PALS: Campaign for the Future Fund will be used to create additional structure and coherence to the PALS Alumni Network.

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